[Event] ngGirls Workshop Berlin – 27 May 2018

The last Sunday in May was the ngGirls Workshop Day at the SinnerSchrader office in Berlin. I have applied as I had totally no experience with Angular, although I have used Vue.js in the past, and wanted to learn at least the basics in a nice company and with experienced mentors.

The workshop itself is based on the publicly available tutorial that teaches you how to make a simple TODO app, describing all, from installation of npm and Angular CLI to adding CSS, HTML templates and functionality of the app. Most of the tutorial is great, the chapters are well explained, the knowledge is built slowly and if you take enough time (and not just copy and paste code) it will make a lot of sense. There are a couple of glitches that I needed to polish along the way, for example, the checkbox not changing style of the item, completed state not being saved in the local storage … and of course there are UX enhancements that could be made, like clearing the input field after submit and mobile view of the app.

At the end we all got a certificate of completion and I had a very nice feeling I did something new & also made a few new friends.

In the evening after the workshop and on the next day I have spent a couple of hours more to finalize and polish the app. Especially I wanted it to look better, to have a delete icon instead of a button and some other minor improvements.

If you would like to test it, here is the link to GitHub hosted app: https://22nds.github.io/ng-girls-todo/todo-list/

A big thanks to organizers, mentors and sponsors for a great event! I totally recommend it to anyone who is curious to learn Angular.