[Event] Peer-to-Peer Web Berlin – 5 May 2018

Here are some notes taken at the event and dealing with dat protocol, Beaker Browser, it’s installation and using dat in the console.

Recording of the event Peer-to-Peer Berlin hosted by Trust is already available at peer-to-peer-web.com.

DAT Protocol

Dat is a data sharing protocol.

Dat project

Building sites with Enoki.

Install dat in the terminal

sudo apt install npm
sudo npm install -g dat

Clone Dat files in conosle

dat dat://778f8d955175c92e4ced5e4f5563f69bfec0c86cc6f670352c457943666fe639

Beaker Browser

Beaker Browser
Beaker is a new kind of browser that gives you the power to create websites, share files, and control your data. You can open dat:// URLs with it.

Learn more about it in this video:

Install beaker browser

chmod +x beaker-browser-0.8.0-prerelease.5-x86_64.AppImage 

You can create and host websites from your computer. Default directory is /home/<username>/Sites

Here is a list of peer-to-peer web pages – open it in Beaker!

Podcast Dat cast

Dat cast