[Event] Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2018 – 10-11 May 2018

Mozilla’s Global Sprint — open-source hackathon — was in progress on Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11. I have participated at Mozilla’s Berlin Office, where 10+ enthusiasts, developers and project leads gathered to work on various open source projects and this post is a short recap of the projects and ideas shared.


The focus of the sprint was project Common Voice which includes machine learning algorithm that needs lot’s of data to recognize human speech in various lanugages. It is currently launched only in English, but the content is being prepared in many languages. As it didn’t include Slovenian language I decided to work on providing translations for the web site and sentences in public domain for website visitors to read in order to start building a data set needed for machine learning algorithm.


During the sprint we also had an opportunity to learn about other open source projects like Beyond Activismo, Mozilla Open Design presented by Elio Qushi, and Simply Secure presented by Ame Ellio.


More about the topics from re:publica 2018:

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