[Event] Dev Day 2018 Berlin – 26 May 2018

Dev Day Webpage is a developer’s conference in Berlin and Faro where developers can learn about the latest technologies. In Berlin the event was held at Betahaus – a nice co-working space.

Things Every Developer Absolutely, Positively Needs To Know About Database Indexing by Kai Sassnowski

This talk was great! It offered a very detailed overview of indexing and what to be careful about and although it was based on MySQL I could see many similarities with concepts used by MongoDB which I studied and used lately. I’ll add a link to video/presentation when/if they become available.

Building fast Websites Against all Odds by Ryan Townsend
Another wonderful talk with all nuances you have to be careful about when you publish a page (if you want to make it fast). It was a kind of recap of strategies Google is recommending with some useful tips.

As later talks were React, Kubernetes and Machine Learning I switched my attention to the Coding Challenge.

Dev Day coding Challenge

The Coding Challenge was held on HackerRank – altogether a variety of ten challenges with varying difficulties. It was fun and not too difficult, although I was a bit out of practice. At the end I have reached the 5th place and got a nice book as the award.

Special thanks to the organizers and Stefan Adolf who was the perfect moderator and the heart of the conference.