[Event] #causeascene Conference – Berlin – 4 June 2018

#CauseAScene is the strategic disruption of the status quo in tech organizations, communities, & events organized by Kim Crayton.

The latest #causeascene conference was held in Berlin at Co.up and I got to know about it a day before, on Sunday, while browsing through my friend’s Twitter account. Immediately I wanted to go, but as the conference is a safe space for members of underrepresented and marginalized communities in tech to tell their stories, I also wanted to tell mine. Specifically I wanted to focus on the workshops we have organized since 2010 at the Lesbian-Feminist University in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Below you can see a short recap of the thought provoking and radical talks.

Btw make sure you join the future conference in your city – especially if you are a cis white straight man!

#causeascene Conference Berlin


Maja Kraljic (@_22nds) Tech Workshops at the Lesbian-Feminist University

Feel free to review the presentation from the conference.

Karen Reilly (@akareilly) Gender-based Violence in Civic Tech

Kat Chilton (@eightarmcode)Challenging the Binary

Emily Gorcenski (@EmilyGorcenski) From the Frontlines: Tech’s Trajectory in the World

Patricia Realini (@patriciarealini) “Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?” And Other Analogies Not To Trifle With

Urges us to read Dark Age Ahead by Jane Jacobs.