[Event] Big Data Berlin #15 – 24 May 2018 – Photos

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Livestream Video
Nadine Schoene: 13:01
Chris Adams: 37:01
Jennifer Ahrens: 57:01


Elena Poughia: The social network: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the media

Dr Nadine Schoene, Sr Sales Consultant, Oracle: The right datastore for the right job

Chris Adams, an Environmentally focused Tech Generalist: Green Clouds, in a world of blockchains and AI
Chris Adams on Twitter

Internet uses a lot of energy – energy that is largely generated by burning coal, creating a massive carbon footprint. IT as a sector now has a carbon footprint greater than Poland.

Jennifer Ahrens, Data Science for Social Good Berlin: Finding levers for change – aspirations vs. realities

  • data science for social good
  • good projects have good questions and good KPIs
  • 1 QALY : 1 year of living in perfect health
  • good question: how many cases of cholera does a toilet prevent?