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Podcast: JavaScript Jabber https://devchat.tv/js-jabber Extract all mp3 links on https://feeds.feedwrench.com/JavaScriptJabber.rss var mp3 = []; [...]
Codewars Leaderboard – Twitter, GitHub link extraction
/* Code parses leaderboard on https://www.codewars.com/users/leaderboard/kata and extracts users profiles */ var linkStorage = ''; [...]
Jared Spool – Parsing web pages with jQuery and Python
Today we will parse the library of videos on the page https://aycl.uie.com/. Workflow Login to the page Reveal all links in seminars Use jQuery to get all [...]
CSS attribute selector
HTML <td data-gender="male">...</td> CSS td[data-gender="male"] { ... } Jquery $('td:contains("male")') $(element).not(":contains('male')")