[Event] ngGirls Workshop Berlin – 27 May 2018
The last Sunday in May was the ngGirls Workshop Day at the SinnerSchrader office in Berlin. I have applied as I had totally no experience with Angular, [...]
[Workshop] Node.js & Get Data from the Web @ LFU
The Node.js & Get Data from the Web workshop happened on 13. & 27. March 2018 at Cultural Center Q – Club Tiffany, Ljubljana, Slovenia. As [...]
Node.js Basics
Create a node module new-module.js exports.myText = 'Hi from the module'; module-demo.js var myModule = require('./new-module'); [...]
Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times in JavaScript. Moment.js docs moment().format('MMMM Do YYYY, h:mm:ss a'); // January 25th 2018, [...]
Chrome Canary
Chrome Canary Dev Tools
Coverage Use Coverage to analyze how much code in the CSS, JS files was actually used on the page. It is updated in real time Go to Dev tools > Sources [...]
Udacity: Website Performance Optimization
Udacity Project Analysis tools [...]
Udacity: Browser Rendering Optimization
60 frames per second – approx 10-16 ms per frame Making a frame HTTP GET request Server sends HTML Browser parses HTML into DOM – PARSE HTML [...]
simplehttpserver on npm Instalation npm install simplehttpserver -g Run the server simplehttpserver [directory] simplehttpserver . # current directory View [...]
GSAP – JavaScript HTML5 animation
Official Page Cheat Sheet for GSAP Examples Simple Tween Repeat button Draggable objects Convert shape into path Morphing Paths
ACF Pro and JavaScript
Saving data to ACF Repeater Field with JavaScript – Tutorial
In this tutorial we will create a Custom post Type named Terms, use Advanced Custom Fields PRO (with ACF Repeater Field) to make a beautiful admin [...]
Vue.js – Beginners Guide
I am sure you have already heard about React, Angular and maybe Vue.js. Today you will get a glimpse into Vue.js and it’s amazing features. [...]
Lighthouse: Analyze your Web App or Web Page
Learn to use Google's Lighthouse - a tool for web app and web page analysis.
Simple web scraping in the browser
I am sure you have seen people (or even yourself) copying and pasting some data from the web, however with a little bit of “hacker” skills you [...]
Don’t start a project without Gulp!
Resources Gulp Gulp Recepies Create a project Make a new folder and run the following code mkdir sample-project cd sample-project sudo npm init This will [...]
WordPress: export JS from php
Prepare the data in functions.php // functions.php wp_localize_script( 'main_js', // name of script name 'theData', // name of the object we want to output [...]
WordPress REST API – JavaScript & Backbone
Resources Backbone JavaScript Client Client enables all CRUD operations on the content in WP database. Below two examples are shown – reading and [...]
JavaScript Promises
Promises sound nice, right (at least better than AJAX which always reminds me of cleaning)? And almost like in real life, JavaScript promises have three [...]
Progressive Web Apps Training by Google
Here is some candy for all of you who would like to learn more about Progressive Web Apps. Google preapred Progressive Web Apps Training training with lots [...]
Atom, please stop ignoring files in .gitignore!
You will need to modify config.cson. You can find it by going to the top menu bar: Edit > Config. Then set hideVcsIgnoredFiles to true. editor: [...]
Update Node
Check node version node -v Clear NPM’s cache: sudo npm cache clean -f Install a little helper called ‘n’ sudo npm install -g n Install [...]
Download all episodes of JavaScript Jabber Podcast
Podcast: JavaScript Jabber Extract all mp3 links on var mp3 = []; [...]
RegExp search and replace tips
Add https to links ^// https:// Add ‘,’ $\n ',\n'
Testing JavaScript performance
/* INITIALIZE ============== sudo npm i -g npm // update npm sudo npm update -g // update packages npm init // initiate project [...]
Codewars Leaderboard – Twitter, GitHub link extraction
/* Code parses leaderboard on and extracts users profiles */ var linkStorage = ''; [...]
Best Practices in JavaScript Library Design
Video Writing Solid API Orthagonal code Perfom Universal Action CRUD your methods add/remove/delete/modify Fuel has the following on ecery object .all, [...]
Bower is a package manager for the web. For libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, Font-Awesome, D3, lodash, Vue… Search the List npm init [...]
JavaScript & jQuery snippets
Patterns Module Patterns Explained (source) Anonymous Closures (function () { // ... all vars and functions are in this scope only // still maintains [...]
First Steps into Babel
Source Install Packages sudo npm install --save-dev babel-cli babel-preset-env Installation for gulp sudo npm install --save-dev gulp sudo npm install [...]
Quick overview Assertions ok(state, message) equal(actual, expected, message) notEqual deepEqual notDeepEqual strictEqual // most useful === notStrictEqual [...]
JavaScript Bookmarklet in Firefox
Load jQuery to the page [...]
Request headers
Sample User Agents
Get your user agent by entering the following code into browser console: navigator.userAgent Chromium on Ubuntu "Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0; Nexus 5 [...]
D3.js basics – Element selection
D3 is a superb JavaScript library for data vizualization. Here are some basics that will get you started. Selection of elements You can use CSS selectors [...]
Install Node.js on Ubuntu
curl -sL | sudo -E bash - sudo apt install -y nodejs # or curl -sL | sudo -E bash [...]
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