Udacity: Responsive Web Design and Responsive Images
Simulators, Emulators and Real Devices In Chrome Dev Tools – Emulator icon Pixel density Emulate a custom device Select Edit from the Responsive [...]
Udacity: Website Performance Optimization
Udacity Project https://github.com/udacity/frontend-nanodegree-mobile-portfolio Analysis tools https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ [...]
Udacity: Browser Rendering Optimization
60 frames per second – approx 10-16 ms per frame Making a frame HTTP GET request Server sends HTML Browser parses HTML into DOM – PARSE HTML [...]
Materialize CSS Framework
SVG animation
SVG animations with Examples
Resources Chris Coyier – The wonderful world of SVG Cheat Sheet SVG Optimizers SVG omg SVG Editor Helpers Cubic Bezier Better performance Easings CSS [...]
Top Atom Plugins You Shouldn’t Live Without
atom-beautify atom-wordpress autoclose-html browser-plus color-picker emmet gitignore-snippets language-markdown markdown-preview-enhanced linter [...]
CSS attribute selector
HTML <td data-gender="male">...</td> CSS td[data-gender="male"] { ... } Jquery $('td:contains("male")') $(element).not(":contains('male')")