[Event] AWS Summit Berlin 6-7 June 2018
I had an opportunity to attend AWS Summit Berlin 2018 which was interesting, but also one of the most “secure” conferences I have ever attended [...]
[Event] #causeascene Conference – Berlin – 4 June 2018
#CauseAScene is the strategic disruption of the status quo in tech organizations, communities, & events organized by Kim Crayton. The latest [...]
[Event] Berlin Hack & Tell #61 – “Revolutionary May Hacks” – 30 May 2018
On my first visit of c-base Raumstation I had the pleasure to participate at Berlin Hack and Tell and present a 5 min demo of the project with [...]
[Event] Dev Day 2018 Berlin – 26 May 2018
Dev Day Webpage is a developer’s conference in Berlin and Faro where developers can learn about the latest technologies. In Berlin the event was held [...]
[Event] ngGirls Workshop Berlin – 27 May 2018
The last Sunday in May was the ngGirls Workshop Day at the SinnerSchrader office in Berlin. I have applied as I had totally no experience with Angular, [...]
[Event] Big Data Berlin #15 – 24 May 2018 – Photos
Link to event Livestream Video Nadine Schoene: 13:01 Chris Adams: 37:01 Jennifer Ahrens: 57:01 Talks: Elena Poughia: The social network: How I stopped [...]
[Event] Women Who Code – Berlin – 23 May 2018
Details about event: Talk 1 – Property Graph and Graph Analytics on top of a [...]
[Event] re:publica 2018 – Berlin – 2-4 May 2018
A playlist with highlights from re:publica 2018 – Europe’s biggest conference on topics concerning digitisation and society – happening between [...]
[Event] Peer-to-Peer Web Berlin – 5 May 2018
Here are some notes taken at the event and dealing with dat protocol, Beaker Browser, it’s installation and using dat in the console. Recording of [...]
[Event] Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2018 – 10-11 May 2018
Mozilla’s Global Sprint — open-source hackathon — was in progress on Thursday, May 10 and Friday, May 11. I have participated at Mozilla’s Berlin [...]